Last year I got to experience Caffesso capsules and was converted to them as an alternative to pricey Nespresso pods. So I was excited to get to try the revamped Caffesso coffee pod offering. With a greater selection of coffees and greener packaging, I knew it was going to be another great experience.

After trying my first Nespresso machine coffee a while back I was a complete convert. So was my husband, after I randomly brought one on a Friday afternoon. In fact we both went a bit bananas for our Nespresso machine. We took it on holiday with us. We made a ridiculous number of coffees with it. Some might have said we became Nespresso Machine Evangelists.

Greener packaging for Cafesso

Caffesso pods previously needed a foil wrapper to keep the coffee fresh. Now, it doesn’t! In fact, Caffesso is the first fully hermetically sealed Nespresso compatible pod in the World. This means that it is air tight and so the foil wrapper is no longer required.

This is  a big ups on the packaging front, the foil wrapper was the only thing that prevented Caffesso from being 100% recyclable. The new pod design also means way less packaging so the boxes are smaller too which is good for the environment, and makes it easier to transport and store your Caffesso pods.

Less packaging means a smaller carbon footprint.

greener packaging

They also have a great selection  with the new blends to try: Lungo Forte and two single origin coffees : Colombian and Sidamo. My favourite is still the Forza Roma, but actually I like them all a lot.

Cafffesso pods remain my favourite pods for my Nespresso Machine, and I am not the only reviewer to love them. Other Kiwi Mummy Bloggers love them too:

2016-04-28 12.06.19

So if you haven’t tried Caffesso capsules yet head to  to order conveniently online.

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