Wal Herring is a trained Nutritionist parent, and blogger on health and parenting. She believes that healthy eating is about developing a healthy relationship with food, and this is what she explores in her book Healthy Little Eaters.

Growing Healthy Little EatersHealthy Little Eaters

Dealing with Fussy Eaters can be soul destroying for many parents.

Healthy Little Eaters is a book that brings together Wal Herrings knowledge of nutrition and her personal advice and thoughts on how to help children develop a healthy relationship with food.

Growing Healthy Little Eaters

She offers loads of ideas on how to get children to develop a taste and positive relationship with healthy food. Her theories have been tested out on her own family.

I envision our children growing up with a healthy relationship with food. Meaning they are not thinking they should eat or not eat something, there is no guilt and overall their minds are not taken up by good/bad food choices – they make great decisions naturally.

Wal has created an inspiring book that seeks to provides parents with a different way to think about how they interact with their children around food. It also includes tips on how to encourage the love of healthy food.

During her research into Healthy Little Eaters, Wal Herring found that taste was not found out but rather formed. It can take 10-15 times of trying something before we like it. We therefore need to try new things many times. Our taste buds – like their muscle and brains are in training.  The  more we try foods the more they will like different sorts of foods.

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