The recent delivery from the Munch Cupboard of the Munch Baby Feeding Tray couldn’t be more perfectly timed as little Miss Isabelle at 4 1/2 months is starting to get ideas about solids. My first thought to that is… Stop! Where did my baby go? And then I remember whilst I sure do love the teeny tiny newborn stage I am even more in love with her now than I was then.

Then I start thinking about whipping out the blender and making my own baby food again. Don’t get me wrong I am all for the convenience of the tinned variety for when I am out and about or caught off guard, however at least 90% of the time I try to make it myself. For those of you who make their own baby food you will know that after making any sort of amount of apple puree you still have to have somewhere to store it because lets be honest you are not pureeing one apple at a time. Here is where the Munch Baby Feeding Tray comes in…

It comes with a clickable lid ensuring food is fresh and flavorful; has seven 1/4 cup or 60ml portion sizes (at this early stage of solids I find one portion size does a couple of days when mixed with baby rice) – so it great for whipping out one at a time; due to its shape the portions ‘pop’ out of the container easy peasy; free from the nasties – BPA and the like and because it is made from silicon it is free from bacteria, it also wont stain, scratch and scuff over time.

Munch Baby Feeding Tray 400 x 500

Always Made with Love reviews Munch Baby Feeding Tray

As a Mum I LOVE that the Munch Baby Feeding Tray is:

  • Dishwasher Safe – I like to try and keep hand washing to a minimum, plus I have so many other things I need and would rather be doing than standing over a sink of dishes
  • Food Grade Silicon – no nasties like BPA;  Phthalates and other toxins
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe – I can think of so many other uses not just baby food… muffins and cupcakes come at me
  • BPA free – that’s gotta be good
  • Durable – made from silicon so it isn’t going to break if it accidently ends up on the floor, phew!
  • You can even write on the lid what you have popped inside as it washes off with soap and water so you can change it up again next time

I also love the versatility of this product from storing baby food; breast milk; left overs (for you or baby); an ice cube tray (great for when your making punch, add sliced lemons and away you go); mini muffins (highlight for the toddler – just don’t stick chocolate chips in the bottom); great for freezing those last bits of stock, lemon juice, yoghurt; perfect portion sized jelly or instant pudding and also a new favourite… toddler snack box (Sebastian seriously thinks it is the bees knees to eat snacks out of here).

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Reviewed by Lydia
Always Made with Love

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