Here at we love bringing you new products, and this latest product is a classic. The Munch Baby Feeder allows baby to enjoy lots of delicious foods without the choking risk. Simply put a piece of fruit, vegetables or meat into the  bag and snap shut. Baby can chew, suck and enjoy all the whole food goodness and taste, with only the tiniest, digestible pieces coming through. Your baby gets great flavor and you get great peace of mind.

Introducing the Munch Baby Feeder

We know Mums and Dads will love this new product from Munch.

Munch Baby Feeders

Key product features include:

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Clean-up is very easy unlike other products that use the mesh material, all you do is wash in warm soapy water or boil the feeder nipple for sterilization. The food grade silicone is stain resistant and won’t spot or stain like similar mesh bag products.
  • 2-in-1 FOOD/FRUIT FEEDER HAS 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE NIPPLE – Made from the highest food grade silicone which is BPA Free, Lead Free, Petroleum Free, Latex Free and Phthalates Free.
  • INTRODUCE SOLID FOODS SAFELY – Moms can relax knowing that their little one can be introduced to solid foods through our food feeder. The tempered texture nipple holes DO NOT allow chunks of food through which could induce choking.
  • IT RELIEVES YOUR BABY’S ACHING ITCHY GUMS – By chewing on the soft silicone textured nipple your baby will soothe their gums.
  • VARIETY OF FEEDER USES – Use with, fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, meats, ice chips, breast milk or use it to administer medicine to your baby.

At Munch we love to share great ideas for feeding your families. We have written extensively on starting solids and baby lead weaning and we have some posts coming up soon on weaning kits and tips on weaning. Watch this space!

Don’t take our word for it, read what the experts have to say: Munch Baby Feeder Review.

Grab yours today:

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