In a bid to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world, the Munch Eco Hero range is made from rice husk and is 100% biodegradable and an excellent alternative.

There are three key products in the Munch Eco Hero range. Our Feeding set, our Toddler Cups and our Toddler Plate. These are all awesome kid friendly products made from rice husks rather than plastic. Making them food friendly yet still practical.

Munch Eco Hero range made from rice husks

Munch Eco Hero range made from rice husks, an alternative to plastic

Our Munch Eco Hero range is made from rice husk, an alternative to plastic. Plastic bottles are thought to take between 450 – 500 years to decompose but since the Munch Eco Hero range is made purely from rice husks and starch, they will decompose within three years when buried properly or disposed of in a compost bin.


Rice husks are a by-product of the rice agricultural industry and are still commonly considered a waste product which is normally discarded or even burned; which releases tonnes of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. With around 500 million tonnes of rice grown annually around the world, about 125 million tonnes of rice husks are produced each year.

Luckily research and developments in science have now found many alternative uses for this inedible outer husk; from fuelling power plants to generate electricity, manufacturing a type of fine cement and now in the manufacture of sustainable and environmentally friendly tableware such as our Munch Eco Hero range.

Unlike a lot of plastic or melamine tableware which can both, under certain conditions, leak toxic chemicals into food and drink the Munch Eco Hero range is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful man made chemicals such as plasticizers, formaldehyde or BPA; and they do not contain any heavy metals.  Once collected from the mills after harvest, the rice husks are tested for pesticides and heavy metals by external agencies to ensure a toxic free material.


During the manufacture of rice husk dining products, the husks are heated and moulded at extremely high pressures creating a hard, high density material which has anti-bacterial properties. The non-porous material that is created, prevents bacteria from growing within the material.

So if you are looking for food safe and practical alternatives to plastic, then look no further than the Munch Eco Hero range. We have all your bases covered here at Munch. You can buy yours over at


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