We are so excited to announce that Munch is going to the Emmys 2016 in LA in September where we will participate in the Emmy’s Gift Bag promotion.

Munch is going to the Emmys 2016

We were so delighted that blog.munchcupboard.com was hand-picked to bring its brand and products to the 2016 Emmys in LA. Munch is one of 20 companies from around the world selected for this prestigious event. The organisers loved that Munch has an “innovative and unique eco-brand” and felt that its products would appeal to their environmentally conscious celebrity guests. What Munch offers appeals to parents interested in eco products, especially products that relate to food. The celebrities attending will get to take home two fabulous New Zealand Munch made products.

Munch products will be given to the stars to take home in their goody bags. The goodies we will be sharing are our Munch Food Wraps and organic Organic NIL wraps, which are already very popular in the US market. Celebrity Connected were looking for brands that had a strong eco focus but they also loved that Munch is a social enterprise and has a business model built around a workforce powered by Mums.

The Gifting Suite that Munch is attending is a private invitation only event. Only invited celebrities will be there. These are quite special events. Attending celebrities enter on a red carpet, and are announced by an MC. Each celebrity is then individually escorted to each stand and introduced to each brand and their products.

In fact the whole Munch executive team is going to LA for this awesome event!

The Munch executive team

A team of four Munch Mums will be there to showcase the Munch brand and products to the celebrities. This means the Munch team will get to personally meet many stars while promoting the Munch brand and product to them.

The team recently had their headshots done… so without further ado, let’s introduce you to the team….

Throughout their time in LA, the bunch from Munch – Anna, Renee, Karen and Michelle will be able to promote the Munch brand, and those it works closely with, to the rest of the world.

This is just the start of our journey, we will keep you posted along the way.


The Team at Munch!


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