The team at Munch have been getting to know some local designers better over the last few weeks. With our trip to the Emmys Gifting Suite event coming up soon, needed to find some lovely clothes to wear.

And its not been hard… Wellington and New Zealand are stacked full of great designers… Please let me introduce two that we are working with: Scooter+Pearl and Children of Promise. Next time we will meet Aida Maeby and Pinch and Punch. Our outfits will also be accessorised by Natty and Slouch Bags. We are super lucky and super inspired by these awesome designers.

Munch working with local desingers Scooter+Pearl

Scooter+Pearl is an independent woman’s wear company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Their inspiration and motivation comes from the challenges of creating well designed clothing sustainably.

Scooter+Pearl aim to make quality clothing, that is designed to last, that you will love to wear, and you can feel good about because they make it here in little old NZ, with natural materials, paying fair wages and leaving the tiniest footprint…


“We don’t produce seasonal ranges. To keep things fresh we prefer to launch one or two new designs every six weeks or so. Each design is a limited edition with only 12-15 (sometimes less) being produced. If a garment is popular we may do a second production run in a different colour or fabric. By listening to our customers we can reduce over production and therefore reduce waste. It also means our customers know they get an exclusive product.

“Where possible we use fabrics which are either sustainably produced, vintage or surplus (fabric that would otherwise end up as waste) and through approaches such as ‘Zero waste pattern cutting’ we can eliminate as much fabric waste as possible at the design stage. New designs often come from a need to use up fabric offcuts from other designs. We even use the majority of our small fabric offcuts as a sustainable beanbag filling.”

Scooter+Pearl also try to support other local businesses by purchasing the majority of our fabric and manufacturing our garments in and around Wellington, right down to using our local printer and packaging suppliers.

Munch working with local desingers Children of Promise

Children of Promise  (COP) comes from a vision to fuse the creativity of fashion with philanthropic purpose. The concept is not only to create quality clothing but to also connect the COP community with youth in need through meaningful contributions.

Children of Promise epitomises simplicity, timelessness, comfort and quality. Choosing to focus on producing small, limited edition capsules throughout the year, creating clothes of longevity that become wardrobe staples for seasons on end.

Designer Jess Chang says “we believe looking good first starts with feeling good in what you wear, so each chosen fabric has been felt, handled and worn to ensure the garment will drape comfortably on the skin.”

Inspired by people, senses, colour, culture and contemporary art & photography, COP explores the amalgamation of life and design.

You can read more about Jess and Children of Promise over at New Zealand Fashion Online or over at Viva The Good Things in Life where they note COP is one of three designers to watch.

Children of Promise


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