In our last post we started to tell you about some of the local designers  Scooter+Pearl and Children of Promise  who are providing us with gorgeous eco-garments for our trip to the Emmys Gifting SuiteMunch working with local designer e
vent coming up soon.

Today we meet Wellington lable Aida Maeby and Auckland based Pinch and Punch.

Munch working with Wellington Desinger Aida Maeby


Munch working with Wellington Desinger Aida Maeby

Wellington based Aida Maeby aims to serve those who value comfort, quality, wearability and integrity as much as design – all our pieces are designed and made in Wellington, with a focus on smaller production runs to preserve the feeling of exclusivity. High casual with a twist is our forte, and we’re growing in leaps and bounds, all the while being mindful of stepping lightly on the planet as we go.
Aida Maeby founder and designer Jess Matthews is a lovely lady. She loves her rescue chickens and her fancy hand made shoes, equally. Originally from Friendly Feilding but has been all over the show, and was surprised to find she’s a deep down, true blue Wellington lover. Can’t whistle but can sing. Would take a pet piglet over a cat, and is hopelessly addicted to the terrible juggernaut which is The Real Housewives of Orange County. Wants to learn to speak German, to play the guitar, and to crochet, in that order. Can’t tell good wine from bad but please don’t ever switch out her Twinings Earl Grey – it doesn’t end well.

Jump over and view the awesome clothes designed by Jess at Aida Maeby. One of our team will be wearing her lovely Dagny Dress.

Munch working with Pinch and Punch

Auckland based Pinch & Punch is an independent clothing brand with both mens and womenswear ranges. Founded in 2015, Pinch & Punch is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The name Pinch & Punch explores the expression of fighting for what one believes in. This was always played out in the school playground where girls would pinch and boys would punch.

Pinch & Punch is mindful of maintaining both ethical and sustainable practices that are kind to people and to the planet.

Pinch and Punch

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