With our wonderful beeswax wrap products going to the Emmys in September, we’ve been thinking a lot about beeswax and thought it would be great to share with you that this month is Bee Aware Month 2016. In fact we were so excited about Bee Aware Month that Munch jumped on board as a sponsor of it.

Bee sure to watch their Bee Aware Month Facebook page over the next week to see what’s happening and how Munch is involved.

Munch and Bee Aware Month 2016

Wax wrap enthusiasts like us and Bee lovers alike will be buzzing this September during Bee Aware Month 2016, a whole month dedicated to the honey bee.

ApiNZ, with the help of sponsors like Munch NZ, will be running a number of activities and competitions during Bee Aware Month.

Apiculture New Zealand (which used to “bee” known as the National Beekeepers Association) wants to ensure that all New Zealanders think about the honey bee and its critically important role in our biodiversity and economy.

In fact, did you know that NZ’s bee population contribute about $5 billion to our economy annually and they support about one third of everything we eat. New Zealand’s Manuka honey is some of the highest valued honey in the world.

Interestingly, the numbers of beekeepers and hives, particularly hobbyist bee keepers has been increasing over the past couple of years. I know there are some in my neighbours backyard and if my husband wasn’t scared of them I would be keen to have bees too.

The focus of this year’s campaign will be honey – it’s on our toast, in the supermarkets, in our beauty products and even has medicinal properties. Every Kiwi has a use for honey (even if they don’t realise it).

This years Bee Aware campaign is “opportunity to further position New Zealand honey as a value-added product that sits alongside Kiwifruit and our wine industry, among others, as lucrative export earners on the world stage.” (Apiculture New Zealand CEO Daniel Paul).

Munch STAR beeswax products going to the Emmys

Bee sure to check out our wonderful Munch Beeswax products. As you may know, we are super excited that the Munch brand and products we will be at the Emmys in LA in September. Two of our beeswax based Munch Made products will be given to the attending celebrities to take home in their goody bags. Stars will be taking home our Munch Food Wraps and organic Organic NIL wraps, which are already very popular in the US market.

Home range munchnz

Munch Emmys gift bags

Mummy to three little buzzy bees

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