So by now you will probably know that Munch is going to THE EMMYS. And now we have some more news. The Munch Exec team are teaming up with the lovely ladies who run Slouch Bags. We are super thrilled about this.


Tell us more about Slouch bags!

Slouch is based in Melbourne, and they design their own products, and is made up of a team of two: Kelly and Anita.

“We look for beauty, we try to balance work and family and we dream of travel.”

So given that the Munch team are about to all be travelling, who better to partner up with than Slouch. The four exec ladies from Munch will each be taking a Slouchbag with them to LA. Watch out for pictures of our Slouch bags making their way round the globe.

If you want a bag,

Slouch will no doubt have you covered. They have everything from Slouchinis to Slouchbags, they have Clutch purses and Zip clutches. And of course they also do Wallets and Belts.

Kelly and Anita love the name Slouch because for them it captures the importance of relaxing (can’t wait to be doing some of that), and of letting go of your anxiety, of enjoying the fact that we do not have to be stiff and formal. This is what inspires their designs.

“We are travellers, we believe in fun and we love good quality leather because it reminds us of saddles and old school satchels, because it wears beautifully and because it is real.

Slouch also supports the very worthy McGrath Foundation’s research into breast cancer, which here at Munch we think is super awesome.

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