I love finding products that make my life easier as a mum, don’t we all 🙂 So, when the Munch Baby Feeder arrived in the post, I knew I had found one of ‘those’ products.

Let me just start by saying I have tried other feeders (the mesh ones) before; they definitely did the trick but I always dreaded washing them up, getting all that mushed up apple out and don’t even get me started on banana!?!


Munch Baby FeedersThe Munch Baby Feeder

The Munch Baby Feeder has the same overall concept ‘to safely introduce solid foods to your baby’ with the difference being a food grade silicone nipple in place of the mesh bag. Simply put a piece of fruit, vegetables or meat into the  bag and snap shut. Your baby can chew, suck and enjoy all the whole food goodness and taste, with only the tiniest, digestible pieces coming through. Your baby gets great flavor and you get great peace of mind. 

As a Mum I love that:

  • Cleaning up is a breeze, no more squished fruit – YAY!!!!
  • Teeny, tiny bits of food actually make their way through the holes, safely, NO large chunks, so no risk of choking!
  • 100% food grade silicon nipple, BPA Free, Lead

    Free, Petroleum Free, Latex Free and Phthalates Free – whoop, whoop!
  • Soothes aching gums, so perfect for teething bubbies – the textured silicon is great on their gums, even better if you pop something cold / frozen in there
  • Reusable, so can be used time and time again
  • Travel cover -perfect for popping in you nappy bag for when you’re out and about
  • There are So many uses – the Munch Baby Feeder is perfect not only for introducing solids, it is great for fresh and frozen foods, ice chips, to add with teething, you could even use it to help give medicine

So, what did Miss Isabelle think of it…? She loved loves it in fact she gets excited when she sees it, her eyes get all sparkly, she knows she is on to a good thing. Plus she knows it’s usually filled with something yummy. I love that I have been able to use it to introduce a variety of different foods to her that I may have otherwise have had to waited to introduce due to their size. Definitely a WIN : WIN in my books!

Grab one today:

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Reviewed by Lydia
Always Made with Love

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