So the Munch Ladies are on tour in LA to attend an Emmys Gifting Suite event on this weekend. We are super excited to be here and having a wonderful time.
We are working with some local designers from New Zealand including:  Scooter+Pearl and Children of Promise  and Aida Maeby  all from Wellington and Auckland based Pinch and Punch.  This week we tell you about two more designers we will be wearing this week: Natty and Robyn Mathieson Design.

Munch working with Natty

We have so loved working with the team from Natty who have kindly given each of the team gorgeous jewellery to accessorise with our great outfits.

Natty is the collaborative work of Cat McKay and Fiona Gibb and they are a fun team to get to know. Do stop by their Berhampore store in Wellington and check out their very cool products. You will love them and their products.

Munch working with NattyBesides their beautiful handmade Rimu jewellery range, Natty also design and produce hand-printed textiles, illustrated gift cards and prints. Their latest range celebrates Aotearoa, and includes a beautiful selection of tea towels and pillowcases, which are lightly packaged for easy convenience and shipping offshore as a thoughtful gift from home. The team at Natty try to evoke and celebrate the natural environment with their product, rather than impact on it.

Munch working with Robyn Mathieson

Although Robyn Mathieson Design has been around for a number of years it has been through several permutations, yet still retained its inherent quality.

They now come full circle and returned to its grass roots beginnings with just the one store based in Kilbirnie where we they both make and sell product. You can actually pop into the store and be styled and be really close to where the design action is.

Robyn Mathieson design is known for great design tempered with great fabrics choices often in floral, abstract or geometric patterns. Robyn Mathieson Design also now incorporates good quality retro pieces too into its store.
Robyn Mathieson has continued to keep her manufacturing within New Zealand and made responsibly.
These are all reasons why we love her work.
Team Munch!
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