Recently, an out of the blue delivery arrived on my doorstep; I was excited and intrigued – brown paper packages all tied up in string, anyone?

Let me tell you, it was all excitement when I opened it and found a ‘My Fun Box’ inside for me,whoops Sebastian to try.

Always Made With Love reviews My Fun Box

We received the Cool Crystals Box which included three fun activities – crystal garden, crystal name and crystal geodes and everything we needed with the exception of hot water and microwave. I mean seriously, it doesn’t get much easier than that.  Each activity came with it’s own instruction card complete with helping hand and messy meter – perfect for parents to know how much involvement or help will be / is required.

Personally, for Sebastian at just under 3 years of age this box was way beyond him. It involved ALOT of help from me, which don’t get me wrong I don’t mind in the slightest. But his understanding of what we were doing and why just isn’t there yet. And the waiting proved a bit hard for the overall result. That being said I am keen to try some of the other boxes like Flying High which may be more suitable to his age.

As a Mum I love what ‘My Fun Box’ is all about ..fostering creativity in kids and getting them learning through hands-on activities plus inspiring you as parents to spend time with your kids without the hassle of trying to come up with ideas or getting materials together..

Your Fun Box will included:
  • Themed activity boxes for kids aged 3 to 10
  • Three hands-on projects per box
  • All materials and instructions needed to complete the projects
  • Boxes are delivered to your door

Four great big ticks – if you ask me.

My Fun Boxes can be individually bought, making them the perfect activity for school holidays. Pick a box that your child would like or if your unsure grab the Holiday Boredom  Busters Box – there is bound to be something they will enjoy in there.

Alternatively, you can subscribe and receive a monthly box delivered right to your doorstep. The biggest decision you will have to make is whether you get the Mini, Medi (which is the most common) or the Maxi. They range in price from $19 to $59 / month.

Reviewed by Lydia
Always Made with Love

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