Hey Mum’s and Dads, you can nominate now in the  Munch


Food Awards 2016. Food-marketing techniques to kids are pervasive and almost impossible to avoid.

Packaging is covered in games and puzzles, there are cartoons and other licensed characters. Blockbuster movie tie-ins, gifts and collectibles and even apps.

“Children are a vulnerable audience. Generally children younger than 4 see ads as entertainment, children under 8 can’t recognise the purpose of advertising, and between 10 and 12 years the persuasive intent is understood but not sales tactics. So it’s important there are regulations to protect them.”

The Munch Food Awards are a chance for parents and the public to have their say about some of the key issues relating to food products and marketing and the impact this has on children.

Nominate now Munch Food Awards 2016

Parents and members of the public can now nominate businesses and Nominate now Munch Food Awards 2016organisations and products for each of the key Munch Food Award categories. Every nomination will make it to the final voting list!

There are seven categories in the Munch Food Awards. The winner of each category is then evaluated by our judging panel to select the Supreme winner. These are the key categories:

The nomination period will run until the end of next week. To place a nomination just go to your chosen category and place a nomination on the nomination form.

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