This is the second post in our series on How to Make Waste-Free Lunchboxes inspired by our new cookbook, Munch Lunchbox. In this post we focus on ways of reducing foodwaste in lunchboxes.

A litter-less or waste-free lunchbox is simply one that creates no waste! A key way to achieve this is by reducing lunchbox food waste.

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Reducing lunchbox food waste

There are some very simple ways to reduce food waste from lunchboxes. If you are routinely getting lots of leftover food in your kids’ lunchboxes, consider putting less in. Particularly if the treats are being eaten and the fruit is being left in the box. Ideally you want to give your kids enough for lunch, but not too much.

Lunchbox leftovers such as sandwiches, nuts, crackers and biscuits can be offered as afternoon tea. Leftover fruit can be used in smoothies, or you can incorporate it into a quick compote or use it in your baking.

Consider cutting up fruits and vegetables that go into your kid’s lunchboxes. This may make these more appealing and accessible for them to eat. Dinner leftovers like slices of pizza or sushi can provide variety and interest to their lunchboxes. Or even just some cold cooked pasta.

Examining your child’s lunchbox leftovers is a great way to get some user feedback on their lunch preferences. Find out why certain foods have come back uneaten. Did your child not like it? Was it hard to eat in the time available?

Another strategy that can work well to reduce food waste is to encourage your children to help plan, prepare and pack their own lunches. They’re more likely to eat a meal that they’ve helped prepare.

If you do have food waste from your lunchboxes, it is better to compost it with the garden waste than to send it to the landfill.

Some other great food waste reduction resources include:

In the Munch Lunchbox cookbook, we offer lots of ideas and inspiration for creating great lunchboxes that are waste-free.

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Want to know more about Munch Lunchbox cookbook? Well the beautiful photography throughout the book is by Belinda Pope Photography. You can read more about our beautiful new cookbook over at Munch Cupboard. Ooh, and the first book review is in now is out now too.

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