One way to engage children in eating fruit is to give them the opportunity to freestyle-it in the kitchen. Making freestyle ice blocks or Munch Ice Pops is a great place to start.

Most kids like ice blocks and ice creams in my experience, and making a fruit filled version is lots of fun for them. Master Five loves to help make ice blocks, and smoothies and things like that. I like this type of kitchen experience because it is quick, fun and not too messy… unless someone forgets to put the lid on the blender.

I recently got this new set of Munch Ice Pops and we got busy experimenting in the kitchen and using up lots of the yummy fruit that is around.

To make Icepops or iceblocks you don’t really need a recipe. For freestyle ice blocks, you don’t really need a recipe.  You could use any fruit you had available, almost.

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Ice pop munchnz to make Freestyle ice blocks

These makee great after school snacks on really hot days. They are also are really great way to up the family fruit count.

We had two cups worth of mixture and that filled this 8 set of ice block holders. If you want a specific recipe then try our home-made coconut iceblocks.

Or try the list of Ice Pop recipes at the back of the Munch Lunchbox Cookbook.

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Mummy to three small sticky boys
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