We are super excited to let you know that voting has now opened for the Munch Food Awards 2016. Our Food Awards are your opportunity as a parent to have your say about some of the key issues relating to food and your kids. So go on, vote now Munch Food Awards 2016!

Voting opened Monday 7 November and will close on Friday 25 November. Please VOTE today we’d love to hear what you have to say. Your votes will decide who wins each of the MFA categories.

Vote now Munch Food Awards 2016

More about the Munch Food Awards

These MFA awards are a chance for parents and the public to have their say about some of the key issues relating to food products and marketing and the impact this has on children.

There are seven categories that parents can nominate and vote on:

The winner of each category is then evaluated by our panel of judges to select the Supreme winner. At the close of voting this year our panel of judges will have a week to evalute the category winners. Their evaluations are collated, and a the Supreme Winner for 2016 will then be identified.

All results will be published on the 7th of December. So go on, vote now Munch Food Awards 2016.

Why did we create the Munch Food Awards?

We have run the Munch Food Awards annually since 2013. Running these awards is one way we fulfill our aspirations of being a “social enterprise”.

Parents are key in keeping their children healthy, and it is easy to shift the blame to them for the obesity epidemic. However, our kids are constantly targets for junk food ads, whenever they switch on the TV, walk down the street, surf the internet, or even go out to play sport. It’s tough for parents!

The Awards give parents and whanau a chance to have their say about the food industry in relation to their kids. Parents have a voice through the Munch Food Awards nomination and voting process.

The Munch Food Awards aim to raise awareness of the following;

  • What foods are good and bad for our kids
  • The techniques that advertisers use to  promote unhealthy food to our kids,
  • To recognise the advertisements that promotes healthy food to children in a fun and appealing way.
  • What kitchen products are good for our kids
  • The best of what parents have to say about kids food
  • Companies that promote healthy living for our kids.
  • Who offers great menus and dining experiences for our kids


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