We are delighted to announce that votes have now been counted in Munch Food Awards 2016 and the results have now been released.

We have had a bit of a shake up in the results this year!

The Munch Food Awards raise awareness about kids food marketing and products and allow parents to give players in this industry some feedback. Voters had their say Munch Food Awards 2016 and the votes have now been counted and we have some exciting results this year.

Our external Judges evaluated the five  “best of” category winners to choose Supreme Award Winner 2016.

We were really stoked to work with the team at the Heart Foundation for the category of Best Kids’ Food Menu.  Rata Café at Zealandia won this category, gaining extra points for having a menu that completely met the Heart Foundation’s Kids’ Choice criteria.

Jump over to our 2016 results page to see who took out the top honours.

Votes counted Munch Food Awards 2016

What did the Munch Food Award voters have to say?

You can read the full results on this page, but what here are some of the things our voters had to say:

As a teacher I see good parents feeding their children sugar filled “healthy” food. The majority of lunches are filled with these empty nutritional, high additive products which cause massive highs, then lows and an overweight child population. Milo is a prime example.

“So many unhealthy foods are pitched as being ‘healthy’ or having health benefits for children when they are not good for kids.

Food and nutrition is so important and kiwi made products are the way to go, not unhealthy multi national billion dollar a year corporations

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