Finding new and exciting things to do in the holidays can sometimes be a bit tough. But these holidays we found something really special, right here in Miramar: Weta Workshops Thunderbirds Are GO Behind-the-scenes experience.

Weta Workshops Thunderbirds Are GO Behind-the-scenes experience is a really great thing to do with big and little kids. Our family of five all totally loved it.

A short bus ride from the Weta Cave (passing by our own house on the way) took us to a large garage in Miramar where a whole pile of fabulous Thunderbirds are Go props, sets, and more are set out.

The shuttle bus dropped us at at an inconspicous door on the side of the large unmarked Weta building. We were greeted by an ethusiastic and knowledgable tour guide who took us through the exhibition.

I was a Thunderbirds fan as a child. It is probably one of the most

memorable shows I watched as a child. I was enthralled by the sets, and it was fascinating to learn about how they film their modern version of Thurnderbirds.

Weta Workshops Thunderbirds Are GOAt the end we popped out of the building and the tour bus was there to return us to the Weta Cave very happy and inspired.

I would totally recommend this as something to do with your kids.

Highlights of Weta Workshops Thunderbirds Are GO

  • It is a 45-minute guided tour through the Thunderbirds Are Go film sets. This means you get to see the real models and miniatures made by the Weta Workshop crew!
  • It incorporates storyboards and concept art from the show.
  • You learn about how they make the sets using simple household objects like lemon squeezers and
  • Its well priced with Family tickets (2 adults + 2 children) available for $65.

Mummy to three small Thunderbirds

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