Do you struggle to come up with ideas to pop in your little ones lunchbox day in and day out? Are you looking for new lunchbox ideas? Do you want ideas that are easy, healthy and cost effective?

Then.. The Munch Lunchbox is for you!

“This book is all about lunchboxes for children and families. You will find recipes that are suitable for pre-schoolers and right up to teenagers. Many of our recipes could also be taken to work by mums and dads. We aim to help you create a lunchbox that is quick and easy to prepare, includes whole foods, colour and is full of flavour — and also fun for kids.

We are all busy parents squeezing a lot into our everyday family lives. Our Munch Lunchbox recipe collection has been designed to be easy to follow and practical. That means no unnecessary ingredients and not too many expensive or unusual ingredients either.

Food presentation is important but must be balanced with the time available — we understand how busy parents are in the morning before school! If a lunchbox is well presented then it is more likely to come home empty. Throughout the book there are ideas and inspiration for food presentation and packaging.” ~ From Munch Lunchbox by Anna Bordignon & Michelle Kitney, Bateman, RRP $34.99

Munch Lunchbox Cookbook full of new lunchbox ideas

I don’t have to make lunchboxes yet for Sebastian but I do have to make lunches and I love this book. It is filled with so many easy, yummy, healthy and cost effective lunch ideas for everyone (seriously, it is not just for those heading off to school). As well as countless recipes, Munch Lunchbox is filled with lots of other valuable information touching base on everything from Egg Replacers to Ugly Food including their Top Munch Lunchboxes.

Munch Lunchbox Cookbook full of new lunchbox ideas

Munch Lunchbox is also filled with recipes that are gluten-free, no cook, freeze well and are dairy, nut and egg free (not necessarily altogether). I haven’t had my copy all too long and already it has been thumbed through multiple times and has sticky notes all through it with recipes to try. One of the ones I have tried already and has been a favourite by the family is a variation of the ever so popular chocolate crackle; these are great for the occasional lunchbox special treat.

For other review’s check out what Kathy Watson had to say over at Booksellers!

You can buy your copy here today for $34.99.

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Reviewed by Lydia
Always Made with Love


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