Munch is the home of waste free lunchboxes. Munch offers inspiration, ideas and solutions for lunches and kids food. This is our third post in our series How to Make Waste-Free Lunchboxes and in this post we focus on ideas on how to reduce lunchbox packaging waste.

Reducing lunchbox packaging is one of two key steps in creating waste-free lunchboxes. The other key step is to reduce food waste in lunchboxes.

Tips to reduce lunchbox packaging

Reducing the amount of packaging we create or consume is a simple but extremely effective way to be kind to our environment. A Litter-less or waste free lunch will ideally be free any litter such as glad-wrap, plastic or foil wrappers because these are not recyclable or reuse-able. By using less packaging in your lunchboxes you could be saving money and helping the environment too.

A good place to start planning for a litter-less is lunch is by selecting the best lunchbox design. A segmented or bento style lunchbox with a good lid will allow you to separate foods easily. These type of boxes eliminate the need for additional packaging. Stainless steel containers are better for the environment and last longer than plastic ones. Our Munch Bento Lunchbox is a BPA free silicone lunchbox which is great for kids, teens and adults alike.

A soft lunchbox such as the Munch Thermal Lunchbox is great for bigger lunches as you can put more food into them. With these styles of lunch boxes food needs to be wrapped in reusable wraps or put into containers. These type of boxes are also useful for taking hot food, such as soups, and odd shaped foods like pies, quiches, croissants. Apples, oranges and bananas and other whole fruits work well in these types of lunchboxes. You could also potentially squeeze in a drink bottle too.

A key way to reduce lunchbox packaging is to refuse to use single use plastics to wrap your foods. If you need to wrap foods in your lunchbox, aim to use a reusable wrap or container. So, if you need to wrap your lunchbox foods, using a reusable solution that is also recyclable ensures you have a waste free lunchbox.

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Munch has specialised in creating a range of res-usable food wraps, designed to facilitate a litter-less lunch. These allow you to ditch plastic single use wraps like Gladwrap or clingfilm. Re-usable food wraps are cost effective, good for the environment and can be reused over and over again.

reduce lunchbox packaging


Munch has created re-usable sandwich wraps and our re-usable snack bags for fruit, crackers and other snacks. These are made from fabric and are machine washable. We also have a range of re-usable food wraps made from organic cotton and beeswax such as the Munch Food Wraps and Nil Wraps.

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Homemade lunchbox foods are easy to whip up and are another way to reduce lunchbox packaging waste. Making your own lunchbox foods means that we reduce commercial packaging, snack packs and wrappers.

Many of the recipes featured on are perfect for filling waste-free lunchboxes. Why not try one of these:

In fact our latest cookbook, the Munch Lunchbox Cookbook focuses on easy, healthy lunchboxes and offers inspiration for creating waste-free lunches with recipes and ideas for filling sectional and bento style lunchboxes. We are always adding more lunchbox recipes so be sure to bookmark our page for easy access to our great source of lunchbox inspiration.

With the right lunchbox, reduced food waste and great lunchbox recipes, and reusable food wraps and bags to wrap your foods in you will have the best waste-free lunchboxes in town.


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