Munch NZ is the number one place to find lunchbox ideas, inspiration and solutions. With back to school looming soon I thought I would share with you some of our great back to school lunchbox ideas.

I have lurrvved these school holidays. We have had great weather, lazy relaxing times, exciting adventures, outdoor fun, we have seen family and friends and generally just mooched about at home (avoiding the sun?). We have had no rushing, no deadlines, no commitments we didn’t want to meet. It has been great.

But all good things must end and so we are nearing the end of the holidays, in fact some people are back already. Back to the commitments, deadlines and lunchboxes!

We previously had some great posts on the age old dilemma of filling the lunch boxes. These posts talk generally about lunch box philosophy and how to keep them healthy. You could of course try out our great new Munch Lunchbox Cookbook.

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Munch offers you lots of lunch box ideas

Over the last few years, we have put toghether an extensive selection of lunchbox recipes for you.

One of the best tips coming out our latest cookbook is that it is totally okay to pre-bake lunchbox goodies and then freeze them. Taking them out of the freezer the morning you make your lunchboxes will ensure its defrosted by morning tea time.

Many of the recipes featured over the last year are perfect for your little one’s lunch box. Here is a quick index of all the recipes which could really help fill the tins and freezer:

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