Some time ago we shared a post on how we made our Nil Organic Food Wraps. Today we are sharing a video we made on how to use re-usuable Munch food wraps. This is one of our star products that was chosen for the 2016 Emmys Celebrity Gift Bags in LA.

Reusable Munch food wraps are designed to be used to wrap and cover food and can help you use less single use plastics. Munch Food wraps can be used to wrap all sorts of things, from avocados, cucumber, cheese and of course sandwiches.

Simply with the warmth of your hand our reusable food wraps will enable you to wrap up your food easily. Then pop in the fridge, or lunchbox. You can even wrap your homemade bread.

How to use reusable Munch Food Wraps

These are a great alternative to plastic wrap, last upto six months, and are handmade in New Zealand. In fact our Munch Resusable Food Wraps are made by loving mums in our local community. They are made from our special recipe that includes organic New Zealand beeswax, propolis and jojoba oil.

These are great alternative to plastic cling wrap or gladwrap and are so much better for the environment becuase they are reusable and they biodegrade.

They are super easy to clean – just wash with a little warm soapy water. Simply wipe down with a cloth and soap under cold water. Then wipe down to dry. Due to the wax surface residue is wiped off very easily.

Our resuable Munch Food Wraps lasts up to 4-6 months. If fray just cut down.

We have some really great patterns available and they come in two different sizes. You get two in a pack. Smalls are 20cm by 20cm.


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