The sandwich remains a lunchbox staple for many of us. In this post Munch, the home of lunchbox ideas, inspiration and solutions, shares top tips on how to make a healthier sandwich.

The sandwich is the lunch box item that people are probably most familiar with. The vegemite sandwich was the staple of my lunchbox as a child and the sandwich has become a core component of my childrens’ lunch boxes. They are an easy and convenient staple, and for grown ups on a budget they remain a great lunch option.

How to make a healthier sandwich

How to make a healthier sandwich

I recently read one of those four ingredients books for kids. It made the following suggestions for creating a healthier sandwich:

  • Use bread that has at least two grams of fibre per slice
  • Add a protein, cheese, egg, ham, cooked chicken, peanut butter
  • Try to add at least two colours of vegetables eg red capsicum, green baby spinach, tomatoes, grilled eggplant, cress

Obviously brown breads and grain packed breads are best, but variety keeps things interesting. Try to use croissants, rolls and wraps now and then. If your kids are not really so keen on brown bread try to do one slice white and one brown while they get used to it. Most kids like their crusts removed. If it gets them to eat the majority of a healthy sandwich then its not a bad trade-off.

Think about your lunch box when you are cooking meals. Leftovers make great sandwich fillings. Some “leftover” sandwich ideas include:

  • Bologanaise and cheese (toasted preferably – great for those at work)
  • Grilled vegetables (eg capsicum, carrot or courgette) and feta
  • Roast potatoes and cold roasted meat
  • Leftover salad with ham or other cold meat.

Be sure to wrap your sandwiches in a reusable packaging of some sort, Munch makes reusable sandwich wraps and bags that are perfect for this.

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