Here at Munch we like to get the most out of our products so we are always looking for different ways to use them. Our Munch Ice Pops are not only the domain of children’s parties, adults can use them as a grown up dessert option, but more of that later! Today we are sharing a recipe for healthy chocolate ice pops.

Theres nothing better than feeding your child and their friends a homemade healthy Ice Pop at a birthday party and then giving them the Ice Pop as a gift to take home. It’s so much healthier (not to mention cheaper) than a store bought one and a great little gift they can reuse, unlike the plastic throw away items that are so popular. The choice of filling are endless, if you can freeze it then you can use it! Milkshakes are a fun choice or get the blender out & mix up some juice with fruit, the choices will of course depend on the age of the children but the sky really is the limit.

healthy chocolate ice pop Munch ice popsWith easter approaching we wanted to find a healthier alternative to all the usual chocolate overload while still keeping the treat food element, a little bit of sometimes food can be part of a balanced diet after all.

Try this simple recipe and create a homemade healthy chocolate Ice Pop treat you can feel good about letting your child enjoy.

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Healthy chocolate Ice Pops
  • 300ml milk (oat, rice and almond are good alternatives to cows milk if you are dairy free)
  • 4 teaspoons of raw cacao (or 1-2 tsp cocoa - or to taste)
  • 2 teaspoons rice malt syrup (optional)
  1. Just heat the milk on the stovetop until it is warm then add the cacao and rice malt syrup if using.
  2. Once it is combined let it cool slightly, transfer to a jug for ease of pouring then pour into the Ice Pops, too easy!


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