Hey Mumma’s this post is for you. In this post we share with you our team of mums thoughts on how to make the most of your day today. We hope that you have the very best Mothers’ Day and enjoy it in a way that is unique and special to you and your whanau.

Mothers Day Message from Munch Mums

Anna Bordignon – Director

“Time off.

“Some days I wonder what that really is.  Do we really get time off, or is it possible?

“I think sometimes it just is not possible but we should always find time in our day to be mindful – for me that is just 5 minutes here and there being still in the mind.  I find it really rejuvenates me.  As most of the time my mind is full with business decisions, tasks, cooking meals, being a wife, sorting out 3 little people and it goes on…..

“BUT it is really essential to also take time


off. No one is a Super hero and really who wants to be one!  Time off for me is spending quality relaxing time with lots of laughter with my family and good friends.  Life is a journey not a race and I tell everyone I will be alive till at least 100, so for me ‘time off and being mindful during the day’ is essential along that journey.

“Love to all those amazing mums.”

Karen O’Shaughnessy – Sales Manager Australia

“My favourite part of Mothers Day is to sit with a coffee and watch my girls interact with my husband – it really gives me a great sense of pride to see the family we have created. As my mum and I live in different countries with different Mothers Day dates I get to celebrate twice, once as a Mother and once as a daughter so I get twice the time to reflect.”

Michelle Kitney – Marketing and community manager

“As a mum of three busy boys I sometimes feel like its not actually possible to get time off. Being a mum is a 24/7 occupation, and even if they are at school, or with grandparents they are still with you. You are still planning and worrying and doing stuff for them.

“I often think about how much time I spend online, connected to my phone, connected to online communities. I think if I could do one thing this Mothers Day is to be offline for a day, and to do this regularly. That would be my goal. This is my preferred way to get time off.

“Oh, and I get breakfast in bed and a sleep-in usually too and some home-made cards and gifts, so I am looking forward to that. I love seeing the excitment the kids have at being part of this.”

Michelle Stempa – Logistics Coordinator

“To all the Beautiful Mums that don’t get a break and still have to do their mummy thing – I would suggest a Pyjama Day. Watch movies, have popcorn and just relax together. Have a go with coloring in or making up stories.

“For Example: My day will be a onesie day for me and my 2 gorgeous boys. I pull the mattresses into the living room and we have movies and popcorn. They love to bake so we will make cheese scones for lunch.

“Somewhere during the day there will be a house treasure hunt. To organise one of these at home, draw up a map of the house and let them follow it while you can sit down and have a nice cup of coffee.

“Have a fantastic day and enjoy those loved ones.”

Judith Riepl- Sales Manager New Zealand

“All too often I find myself racing from one task to the next, Mother’s Day is a day to slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy my gorgeous kiddies (while my partner does all the work). A perfect excuse for a guilt-free lazy day.

“Have a totally amazing Mothers Day today.”

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