We were asked to do a product review on the NEW Atopis – nature’s Scientific Skincare.  A dry itchy skin relief cream.  It is made and manufactured in New Zealand by Dr Iona Weir.  A natural skin cream.  Read more about their story below and link here to their website.

‘Dr. Iona Weir’s global leadership in the biochemistry of New Zealand’s indigenous plants and microbes, combined with her advanced knowledge of eczema and the immune system, gave Dr. Weir the unique expertise to create a breakthrough cream for treating not just single symptoms but all of the parameters of eczema, acne and aging to restore the skin back to normal function’.

I love knowing what something is made of and how it is made, I suppose our Munch and Nil brands have developed in a away from my curiosity of what something is made of and how.  Many of our products are utility based products which other brands make out of harmful plastic and unethical factories. We like to find alternatives to plastic and work hard to find as much about our supply chain as possible.   Also we try and make products from natural ingredients where possible.  So that brings me back to Atopis, it is made from a very interesting ingredient called myriphytase.  This is a natural ingredient to make a natural skin cream.   It is created using a unique patented fermentation process. The process is similar to when you make kefir, where milk, grain and bacteria/yeast are combined together and fermented. This fermentation results in lactose being converted into lactic acid and thus no longer causes gut allergies in those who are lactose intolerant. Lactic acid also works as a prebiotic by promoting good gut health and gut microflora.

In the same way, their ‘fermentation process converts the allergenic proteins of ingredients such as bee pollen into cell-renewal peptides rendering them no longer allergenic. It also creates short-chain fatty acids from coconut myristic and lauric acids for immune modulation and plant (phyto) enzymes to promote your skin microflora, as well as antioxidant flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. We also harvest the peptides from probiotic bacteria and conjugate these to lipids to create peptilipids™, to stimulate your skins natural beneficial bacteria to restore your skin to a natural healthy balance’.

So you are all probably wondering well does it work and it is lovely product to apply?  Well it is easy to apply and it very smooth. The smell is not your usual cream smell but it is not offensive.  But that is what happens when no artificial fragrances are applied and a natural skin cream is made.

I decided to try it on my feet. Sorry Atopis, you may have wanted it to be applied on the face!! But my feet are the place that I find get the most dry and especially in summer when I wear jandles on a daily basis.  So for a week I applied every second day and now my husband will (may) now consider to give my feet a massage!

Product reveiw Atopis handThey also do an acne cream (for us, our kids are not old enough yet), anti aging cream and this dry itchy cream that was given to us for review.

What I love the most about this product is that it is made from indigenous plants and natural microbes.  AND that it is made locally.

Thumbs up from me.

Anna B

PS this product must be quite amazing as we only accept requests to do product reviews occasionally and only if we love the brand/product.


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