Munch glass drink bottles are here at last!

Plastic drink bottles are the worst for our environment as they NEVER EVER go away! They pile up in our rubbish dumps for ever.  However glass can be recycled and can be broken down.

But you say glass!! Wont it break? NOT our new Munch Glass Drink Bottles as they are made from thick (but lightweight) glass with a protective sleeve.

And they are so stylish for both children and adults.

Munch glass drink bottles are here at last

Munch Glass Water Bottles are light, durable and leak proof. Made from durable borosilicate glass to aid in the lightweight design. With a comfortable loop lid they are easy to carry.

Wrapped with a soft pastel silicone cover to protect the glass. Holds upto 500ml can be used for hot or cold use. They have a narrow mouth opening making drinking easy. Simple to clean and is dishwasher safe.

We totally love them. These are some of their key features include that they are:

  • Portable, light and durable.
  • Lightweight – made from a durable borosilicate glass which adds to the lightweight design. This makes comfortable for kids and adults to use and carry around.
  • A perfect travel companion.
  • Wrapped with colorful soft pastel silicone cover that has a great soft feel and protects from breaking easily.  
  • Able to hold 500mls.
  • Hot or cold use. The silicone and glass is microwaveable (but do not overheat or cook on long settings). Use Munch glass drink bottles for warming milk and or cold drinks. 
  • Perfect for kids lunchboxes. Narrow mouth opening with 1.25 inch diameter. 
  • Leak proof with silicone ring fitting snugly inside of the cap.
  • Simple to clean, either handwash or place on top rack dishwasher safe. 

Grab your Munch Water Bottle today and stay hydrated:

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