Wow it has been a busy time here at Munch with lots of lovely new products being released. Last week we shared with you three new products to help you with baby:

  1. Munch baby soothers
  2. Munch organic swaddle wraps
  3. Munch baby feeding spoons

Organic baby swaddles for newborns

Send baby off to sleep with these organic cotton baby swaddles. Swaddling is a natural way of sleeping that can decrease anxiety in baby and leads to better, deeper sleep. These muslin swaddles are made from 100 % organic cotton and are multi-functional. Can also be used as breastfeeding covers or change mats.Munch Organic baby swaddles packaging

Munch organic baby swaddles come in a two pack. The great thing about this is it means you get two awesome and unique designs: chevron and feather. 

Our organich baby swaddles are made from 100 percent super soft organic cotton. This cotton is free of toxins and is hypoallergenic. Organic cotton fabric is extremely luxurious and soft and ideal for use on baby soft skin. Our cotton is also breathable, promoting a deep, comfortable sleep for your baby.

Research suggests that infants who sleep swaddled wake up less often and fall back asleep more quickly. This increases REM sleep by an average of 50 percent. A well-rested happy baby, means well rested happy parents! 

Large enough to easily swaddle a baby these swaddles measure 120 cm x 120 cm. These can also be used as pram covers, car seat covers, burp cloths, changing blankets or mats.

These make a fabulous babyshower gift, it is nice to give an organic baby product to new mother. So go on, grab a set today.

Munch Organic baby swaddles packaging


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