Munch empowers mums into work. This is because Munch is a social enterprise, which means our main focus is on our social impacts.  However it is just as important that we run a successful business as we need to always generate income to support our social impacts. We have three areas we focus on which are:
  • Providing work to people in need
  • Creating environmentally friendly products
  • Offering healthy food ideas for families.

Munch empowers mums into work

Waste Free Warrior Tania Webb believes that “Empowered women empower women” and “I truly believe Munch and us represent this”,

Munch is working with a team of South Auckland mums, including Tania, who are in need of part-time work. Munch offers these mums part-time work that can be completed in their own homes.

Munch has implemented the traditional ‘outwork model’ through the use of new technologies to empower those who need a ‘hand up’.  The work provided by Munch enables them to contribute financially to their families and lift their self-esteem.

This employment model will be rolled out in other under-employed locations later this year.

Demand for Munch Reusable Food Wraps has increased significantly with the introduction of a subscription based service and because of growth in export demand. This increased demand has enabled Munch to create these part-time roles in South Auckland.

Munch, a sustainable eco social enterprise and its sister brand Nil export their New Zealand made organic beeswax wraps to Australia, United States, Canada, UK, and Europe.

“Empowered women empower women” and “I truly believe Munch and us represent this”

About Munch Organic Reusable Food Wraps

Both Munch and Nil resuable food wraps are hand-made by mums working from home in New Zealand.  Munch reusable food wraps are an alternative to single use plastics like Glad Wrap. These are now available via a subscription service from

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