In this post we set out our top tips that will help you reduce your garden waste. Garden waste is an easy thing to tackle and you can save our planet from the greenhouse gases created by those scraps in landfill by making your own free compost for your garden at the same time. Win-win!

Some time ago we shared this post which examined the strange things you can compost…

Strange things you can compost

Munch top tips to reduce your garden waste

  • All sorts of things can be composted, so compost as much as you can. Many Munch products can be composted like NIL organic beeswax wraps and our Munch Food Wraps. Although they are reusable for up to six months, but they can be composted when they have reached the end of shelf life.
  • Use a worm farm to compost your kitchen food scraps and paper. Worm farms are fabulous because they produce a liquid fertiliser for your garden.
  • Find a bulk garden centre, and refill reusable sand bags with dirt, rocks, compost, etc.
  • Return plastic containers to the garden centre.
  • Find a source of bulk seeds.
  • Mulch plant prunings for composting or garden mulch.
  • Use paper or cardboard as garden mulch, or to supplement worm farm food. Some used carpets make good garden mulch.
  • Make seedling protectors from plastic drink bottles by cutting the bottom out.
  • Give away plants, raised beds, fencing, or irrigation piping that you do not want anymore.
  • Use drought tolerant and native plants, replace your lawn with short native grasses.
  • Conserve water by recycling waste water. You could consider installing a rainwater tank collection system or gray water collection system.
  • Keep a minimal and quality tool selection made of metal and wood (which can be repaired more easily). Share these with your neighbours. Borrow gardening items you don’t own and don’t need to use often.

Reduce your garden waste

Happy gardening. We hope that these tips will help reduce your garden waste.

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