I love a great dessert and what more is that I love a healthy dessert.  Then I know that there is no need for feeling guilty.  Also these days we have many friends with kids who have allergies (the whole concept of our children having more allergies these days breaks my heart) so to have a few quick and easy allergy friendly desserts at hand really helps.

Banana Ice Cream an allergy friendly dessert

Inspired by this post by Alessandra Zecchini and the warmer weather, I decided to have a go at making ice cream (well it’s technically sorbet as there’s no dairy). Frozen bananas make the creamiest ‘ice cream like’ dessert without the need for dairy or eggs and you don’t need a fancy blender either.

I peel and freeze over ripe bananas in old bags, so I can grab a couple for smoothies or baking.

For easy banana ice cream, add two frozen banana’s to a small jug or mixing


bowl, add any extra ingredients you like, for example frozen berries, a splash of coconut cream, mango or dairy free choc chips. Whizz with your stick blender/food processer/blender and enjoy!

Strawberry Ice Cream

Just like our banana ice cream just blend a bunch of strawberries and add a little maple syrup and freeze.  You might like to freeze them in our Munch Ice pops below.  Our Munch Ice Pops was one of our top sellers last summer.  So get yours now!

Chocolate Mousse

Another easy dessert! Take one avocado, two frozen bananas, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup (or add to your taste), 1 Tablespoon of dairy free cocoa. Blitz all with a stick blender until smooth, chill in fridge until ready to eat.

We have plenty more healthy desserts on our www.munchcupboard.com.  How about also checking out our pineapple one here.

Easy peasy allergy friendly desserts for all to love.

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