Product Review -Eco Hero Toddler Cup from Munch

We have been lucky enough to connect in with Coralie and her family who are on a journey to become a waste free family.  In 2018 they intend to only fill one rubbish bin for the whole year!!!!  In her words on her blog, they have been making ‘small changes’ in 2017 to make them practically green.  Read on below to see what Coralie thinks of our Munch Eco Hero Toddler Cup.

This eco hero toddler cup is a real hit with our toddler. It is easy to use with an easy flow silicon spout that is removable and it does not spill out as much as other sippy cups do. The quality of the cup is top notch with it having no rough or sharp edges and no hard to clean parts. It can go into the dishwasher to be cleaned which is always handy with a messy toddler on the go.

I love that you can just take off the spout and it is an ordinary cup that anyone of any age can use, no need to replace it when your little one no longer wants to use a spout. The spout is actually highly versatile and fits quite a few of our cups. I tested in on a variety of our cups with great success meaning that if the cup is dirty I can just put the spout onto another cup. I found five other cups that the spout fitted on perfectly.

Unlike most sippy cups, this one is not made from plastic. It is actually made from rice husk fibre, which is a sustainable resource. Rice husk fibre is considered a waste product and burnt releasing carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. Despite it being considered a waste product, it is in fact food safe. It is also BPA free, biodegradable in your compost bin, colour free, tree free, dishwasher safe and durable. Read more on the review by Coralie Archer over at Practically Green.

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REVIEW by Coralie Archer

Eco hero toddler cup

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