Freezable family recipes – the Munch top 10

Here are our top 10 family recipes that you can freeze.  This will be a great list for a ‘mother to be’ to cook from (or even better a friend or family member to cook for her) before baby is due.  Or just to have in the freezer when life just gets too busy.

We received a request from Julie through our Facebook page last week who said that her and her friends wanted to know if we had ’10 freezable family recipes to cook before our babie are due’.  So I thought of course we must as we  have hundreds of recipes due to maintaining our blog for almost 5 years. So after scanning our blog recipe index I found our top 10.  I loved looking through our blog as it really made me think how far we have come and all those fantastic foodies we have met along the way. By the way there are plenty more on the recipe index and in our cookbooks.  See below our cookbook collection

Beetrot rissotto

Kumara and carrot soup

Slow cooked chicken and chorizo hotpot

Pork and Pear meatballs

Chicken and Pesto salad

Beef and Kumara hotpot

Lamb Cassoulet

Aubergine and apricot lamb shanks

Homemade healthy chicken nuggets

Beef and Lentil lasagne

Some of the above recipes use seasonal vegetables but you can swap in a vegetable that is in fact in season when you wish to cook it.  Also the list does not include a fish meal as I just could not find a decent one that would freeze well.  I will keep looking and testing.  If you have others, many of these meals are suitable for all age kids.  You could also try it out on our new (yet to release) bamboo suction plate.



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