Coralie Archer from Practically Green and a trained Baby Wearing has kindly done a product review on our new Organic Bamboo Baby Carrier for us.  Phew!! She loves it…..

I love the Munch Organic Baby Carrier and find it so comfortable to use. I am using it with our 9kg 14 month old and she feels weightless. I find it easy to get a good secure seat for her. The fabric is soft and lightweight making it a good option for the warmer months with a good level of stretch making it easy to adjust.

It has a lot of bounce compared to my other stretchy wrap with baby being able to bounce in the wrap if I were to walk with a hop. I think this wrap would be better suited for younger babies up until around 9 months old unless they are small like our baby. Due to being so stretchy, with a toddler it may start to sag resulting in a position that is no longer as supportive.

Our girl

finds this carrier comfortable and instantly relaxes snuggling in for a sleep. She is well supported with her legs in the optimal ‘M’ position and despite being fully dressed she does not overheat with the extra layers of material over her.

The stretchy wrap material is nice and soft and moulds well to the body. It is easy to spread the passes across my back and to get our little one in and out of. Even with a bigger child I find it to be so comfortable with the weight distributed evenly across my back and I enjoy not having a waistband. I love being able to have my hands free to care for our older children knowing that the carrier is supportive enough to hold her securely and the closeness allows her to keep calm with all of the noise around her. This baby carrier is amazing!

Grab your one now….

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