Although it’s far better to recycle responsibly than not at all, we really need reduce our reliance on single-use and disposable items in the first place. Instead of focusing on recycling, we should be first refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling and yes, even rotting things.

So, have you refused, reduced, or reused first?

By employing the five R’s system you will be reduce your household waste. Simply by remembering and employing the five R’s, in order:

  1. Refuse what you do not need.
  2. Reduce what you do need.
  3. Reuse by using reusables.
  4. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.
  5. Rot or compost the rest.

Refuse: Refuse things you do not need. Some examples include refusing junk mail. Turn down freebies from conferences, fairs, and parties. Every time you take one, you create a demand to make more. Do you really need another “free” pen?

Reduce: Declutter your home, and donate to your local thrift shop. You’ll lighten your load and make precious resources available to those looking to buy secondhand.

Reduce your shopping trips and keep a shopping list. The less you bring home, the less waste you’ll have to deal with.

Reuse: Swap disposables for reusables. You might find that you don’t miss your paper towels, but rather enjoy the savings.

Recycle: Find out what’s accepted by your council waste collection and recycle those items. Know your city’s recycling policies and locations—but think of recycling as a last resort.

Rot: Find a compost system that works for your home and get to know what it will digest. Compost as much as you can: dryer lint, hair, and nails are all compostable.

An attempt at going zero waste starts with small changes. It’s within anyone’s reach, and change starts at home.

Here is one of our wastefree recipes.  Also check out our ebook on ‘How to be waste free in your home’. 


Most of the time when we cook broccoli we discard the stem and leaves. However, both can be used. Try using the leaves in this smoothie, you could also use leftover cooked broccoli too in smoothies. The stalk of a broccoli can be chopped and used in stir-fries or as a vegetable stick dipped in hummus.
Recipe type: Smoothie drink - broccoli
Cuisine: Drink
  • • 1 ripe banana
  • • ½ cup natural yoghurt
  • • ½ cup milk k
  • • 1 tablespoon nuts, or LSA (optional)
  • • ½ teaspoon honey or to taste
  • • 1 broccoleaf (stem with leaves) washed
  1. Put all the ingredients into a blender or nutribullet and blend until smooth.

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