Munch Organic Baby Carrier – Product review by Fun with Allergy Kids

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous organic baby carrier from Munch recently to review.  I love Munch for a range of awesome products such as food pouches and storage with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly products for parents and children.  I am a recent convert to baby carriers: I tried with my eldest daughter but bought a very uncomfortable carrier before there were lots of them around which really put me off!  My eldest was nearly 5 when I had number two so I didn’t feel a need to get one, although in hindsight it would have kept me a bit saner if I’d found a good one to use with her then as that was my chief allergy kid who was obviously really fussy and distressed.  However with two children keeping me very busy, when I found out I was pregnant with number 3, a really good baby carrier was top of my list of things to buy!  I’ve been completely converted now.  Although my youngest is getting a bit old for them as a very tall 2 year old, I do pull them out occasionally when she’s fussing and I need to get things done: usually getting dinner prepared if Miss 10 is too busy to help.  I also love using them when we are out and about at trade shows and similar as there is never enough space for prams.  Read more over at Malena’s blog 

Our favorite review comment by Malena is below.  What a review. Thanks!!

‘I have tried this particular wrap on a very warm day, and I didn’t feel too hot or sweaty, definitely less so that with  the types that belt together.  I also really enjoyed not having really thick, tight belt around my waist’.

Read more review of our Organic Baby Carrier/Wrap here.

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