I stumbled across Krystine Nation from Real Life Wife last month and thought she was so so funny.  She did a fantastic video on the mum bun and I related to it really well.  So we decided to ask her to do a Munch Ice Pop product review for us.  We reckon if she keeps up her social media presence she will definitely increase her following because she is so funny and real!

Below is some snipets of what she thought about in her Munch Ice Pop product review.  You can read more over at her website here.

I will definitely be purchasing some more of these to stock up for summer and any visitors we might have over the holidays. My girls are looking forward to making up their own mixtures as well and being in charge of their own treats! ( healthy treats of course ). I really don’t think that i have anything negative to say about this product as they are so handy and have so many uses. In the summer i always put out Giant


jugs of water with ice to make cool water more accessible to my family, i’m already planning to fill the ice-pops with water to make giant ice sticks to pop in my jugs!

Durable, bright, dishwasher safe , leak proof and most importantly REUSABLE. You really cant go wrong with that – 10 out of 5 stars from me.

They are leak proof!! ( all hail Munch !….. every mothers legend ) with every ice-cream and ice-block comes mess, when the kids don’t finish the last of it and you end with a melted sticky puddle. Well we did not have this issue! The ice-pops come with a tight sealable lid that can be put back on when they have had enough and be popped straight back in the freezer.. No mess no drama.

If you want to get yours now. Just click on the buy now button below. You will not regret it!

Also check out some Ice Pop recipes here.

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