We were lucky enough to have the amazing Claire from My Other Name Is Mum blog review our Reusable Produce Bags. Claire has two precious children, so she’s alway’s keeping an eye out on new products that could benefit the family. So we thought who better to send these Reusable Produce Bags too! Claire decided to take the Munch Reusable Produce Bags. Claire tested them out and here’s what she had to say:

 “I took my 3 new best friends on my weekly shop, and was amazed at their stretchability – they managed to hold my giant bunch of bananas quite happily without looking like the bag was going to explode at any moment.The three colours are great too – because I can use them for specific fruits and veg (I tend to buy the same fruit and veg weekly) – it also helps me remember what I need to get if I don’t have my list with me (which happens quite a lot)”.

If you want to read the whole product review from Claire at My Other Name Is Mum then click here.

Our Munch Reusable Produce Bag’s are a must have in any home. These bag’s are extremely durable but also very strechy. They can hold up to 2kg’s, are easy to store and also made from breathable fabric so you don’t need to worry about fruit and vege sweating. The bright fabric makes it extremely easy to find so you never have to go with out. Not only do these produce bag’s cancel out the need for the plastic produce bags at the store but they also last for a long time. These produce bags are also extremely light so you don’t need to worry about added weight on the produce scales. These produce bag’s are New Zealand made here in Wellington by a local mother.


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