The Munch Food Awards are back for 2018 and voting is now open! We have taken all of the nominations and it is now the time to pick your favourite for each category. The Munch Food Awards is your chance to have your say about some of the key issues relating to food products and marketing and the impact this has on our children.

There are six categories that require your vote this year and they are the following:

From all of these nominations we have our amazing three judges that will be picking the ‘Supreme Winner’. We are fortunate enough to have such amazing judges as well.

Firstly we have Claire Turnbull who is a qualified Nutritionist, author and a professional speaker. Secondly we have Nicola Galloway who is an author of four cookbooks, trained chef with a diploma in Natural Nutrition and she’s also and amazing photographer. Lastly we have we have Asher Regan from The Heart Foundation. Asher is a qualified chef who has a degree in human nutrition and he now travels around New Zealand helping chefs create healthy menu options. Asher will be judging the ‘Best Kids Food Menu’ category against The Heart Foundation Kids Choice Initiative.

The Munch Food Awards really are such an amazing opportunity for you all to have your say about some hard hitting matters when it comes to our children. So make sure you vote! Because that’s what it’s all about!

Plus, I’ll also mention that everyone who votes goes in to win a amazing Munch prize pack 😉

Every vote helps and every vote matters. So make sure you vote and you could be in to win.

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