Here at Munch we are all about eco-friendly and sustainable products. A massive problem is single use plastic so of course Munch had to find an alternative that was a whole lot better for this planet. This is where our Munch Food Wraps come in. These food wraps are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Once you have got your fair use out of them you can simply place them in the compost and that’s it. We have had our Munch Beeswax Wraps out for some time now and they have been a great hit! However, we wanted to have a food wrap for everyone… So, this brings us to announce our brand new Organic Munch Beeswax Wraps and our Organic Vegan Munch Food Wraps. We wanted to cater for all so that’s what we have done.


So, what’s the big difference between these wraps and our original wraps? Well we have Well we have our very own designs of organic fair-trade fabric now in this new option. The great news is that these wraps are still made here in New Zealand therefore they are in fact NZ made! They are also made from our amazing team of working mothers. We have three organic cotton options in the Munch Beeswax Food Wraps and two options in the Vegan Munch Food Wraps. We absolutely love the new patterns and we are sure you all will as well!


A wee reminder that there is still time to vote for the Munch Food Awards 2018. If you haven’t already make sure you click here to vote now. There are six categories to vote for which are:

  • Worst Kids Food Marketing Campaign
  • Best Kids Food Marketing Campaign
  • Best Kids Food Packaging
  • Best Kids Food Menu
  • Best Kids Food Product
  • Best Kids Food Blog


So, if you haven’t already make sure you vote now! Don’t miss out on having your say about some of the key issues relating to food products and marketing and the impact this has on our children.


Vote now!

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