Our Munch Produce Bags have been flying off the shelf since we got them in stock. We love seeing all of you using them in the local supermarket but we also love hearing your amazing feedback on them. Which brings me to say we have received yet again another amazing Munch Produce Bag Review by the lovely Dot Dash.


She had so many kind words to say and if you want to read the review the link is below however here are a few snippets for you from her review.


“These stretchy, colourful and New Zealand made bags can hold up to 2kg of produce (perfect for the potatoes)”. This is absolutely true! Our Munch Produce bags are actually made here local in Island Bay from our amazing mummas. We see out the production of the bags and pack them ourselves by hand right here in Island bay.


“The airflow can circulate around your fruit and veges because of the perforated fabric. Perfect for stopping the potatoes and onions sweating and getting stinky!!”. This is true! The fabric we use for our produce bags is very stretchy and extremely breathable. You can leave your veges in the fridge in them and not have to worry about them stinking. The bags are super breathable and actually don’t make your fruit or veges sweat…which means they last longer!


“The large is perfect for the large veges like potatoes, kumara or onions.The smaller bags were perfect for literally EVERYTHING else!!” She is right! We wanted to make sure we had the right size for all your needs when it comes to fruit and vege. In the pack you get two small bags and one large. These bags are super stretchy and strong that you can actually pack quite a bit into them.


If you are wanting to stop using those pesky produce bags then we deffinetly recommend you switch to these Munch Produce Bags or even the Nil Organic Produce Bags.


To read the rest of the review by Dot Dash click the link here. We also have another review on our Munch Produce Bags here.

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