It is New Zealand Babywearing Month which is all about shining light on just how great it can be to carry baby around. There are so many great tips and tricks about baby wearing. There are so many events on around the country so make sure you have a look at whats going on in your local area. However we thought we would share these 3 interesting benefits we found from Small Footprint Family.


  1. Babies that are carried often actually end up crying less. “A 1986 randomized, controlled study by Hunziker and Barr showed that carrying an infant 2 additional hours per day reduced crying overall by 43%, or one entire hour”(Small Footprint Family).
  2. Apparently babywearing is actually really beneficial for baby physically. When you carry baby in a wrap or sling it  can make them feel like they are still in the womb. “Upright carrying also massages your baby’s abdomen which promotes healthy digestion, and prevents physical abnormalities associated with infants who spend large amounts of time lying on their backs or bellies (such as hip dysplasia, frog legs, or flattened skulls on the back or sides)(Small Footprint Family).
  3. Babywearing actually can encourage a healthy emotional and mental development. “Since in-arms parenting meets your baby’s needs for warmth, comfort, and access to breastfeeding, babies cry less and spend more time in a quiet, alert state. While in this state they are better able to learn about their environment and develop mentally and socially”(Small Footprint Family).

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