We know that being a parent means you are constantly on the go. The less mess the better! Which is why we have our Munch Baby Feeder! We absolutely love our baby feeders and so do all of our lovely customers. We are always so lucky to get such amazing reviews and we wanted to share some with you!

The lovely ‘Always Made With Love‘ wrote an amazing review about our baby feeders that we recommend you read! But one thing she said was “I love that I have been able to use it to introduce a variety of different foods to her that I may have otherwise have had to waited to introduce due to their size. Definitely a WIN : WIN in my books!” She is completely right. The Munch Baby Feeder is the perfect product for introducing baby to solids.  The silicone nipple has holes which do not allow chunks of food to come though. But it’s super great on baby’s gums. It actually helps relieve any aching itchy gums and soothes them.

Our baby feeders are perfect with all types of food. In the warmer months it can to help cool down baby, you can fill them with frozen fruit or even ice chips. They are also perfect with frozen breast milk too! You can fill them with fresh fruit in the winter. Best thing about the Munch Baby Feeders is you don’t need to stress about baby choking because of the tiny wee holes in the silicone tip.

Clean up is super easy with the Munch Baby Feeder. You can simply wash in warm soapy water or boil the nipple. Because we don’t use a mesh bag it really is so simple to clean.

Don’t forget we have a discount on the Munch Baby Range still. Use BABYLOVE at check out 😉

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