It’s really starting to warm up here in New Zealand and we are loving it here at Munch! Our Ice Pops are the perfect gift all year round but especially in the summer time. We love our Munch Ice Pops but we know you all do as well. Which leads me to say we have another review! The amazing Kristen from Southern Chicken Lady has reviewed our Munch Ice Pops and here is what she had to say.

These are so easy to make y’all! There are so many ways to make your own ice pops using plastic molds but we use our Munch Ice Pops when we make our own. They are reusable, leakproof and flexible which is nice for the finest of hands. Makes it easier to grip.

She is so right! Our Ice Pops are made out a food grade silicon and are super flexible so you can actually push out the bottom of the ice pop. They are completely reusable as well so you can literally just chuck it in the dishwasher after every use or simply just rinse them in the sink. Kristen from Southern Chicken Lady also had the following to say.

They’re even microwave and dishwasher safe. I’ve had the hard plastic molds before and it’s a mess trying to clean and rinse out. The Munch Ice Pops are super flexible and easy to clean. You’ll get 4 colors including blue, yellow, orange and green. You can hand wash or throw in the dishwasher. Each mold holds 3.4fl oz.

So what can you use the Ice Pops for? Well, there are so many options but here are a few! Use them for smoothies, fresh fruit, yogurt, chocolate, fruit and/or vegetable juice, gelatine, purees, peanut butter, nuts, caramel, whipped cream, sauces, jams, soda, ice cream. These really are super versatile all year round and are such a great Christmas present as well! We are also giving away a set of ice pops and our stainless steel drinking straws so make sure you click here to win!

If you are after a healthy Orange ice block recipe we have you sorted 😉 We like using our Special Orange Juice recipe because it is so refreshing!

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