We absolutely love Christmas here at Munch! Mainly because it’s the time of the year where we all get to spend quality time with the whole family. We also love Christmas because he means we have our annual Christmas giveaway… Yes, that’s right it’s that’s time! It’s ’12 days giveaways’ seasons!


What is this ’12 days of giveaways’ you may ask? Well ’12 days of giveaways’ is an annual giveaway we here at Munch Cupboard do. We work with 12 other amazing companies who we love and adore. The 12 companies we have chosen this year are amazing and we are so excited for you all to see them! So for 12 days in December we are giving away products left, right and centre this December. ’12 days of giveaways start’ on the Saturday 1st December. We have the giveaway on our Facebook and Instagram so keep your eyes peeled!


So, what are we giving away you may ask? Well it ranges from amazing skincare, to clothing, wallets, vouchers (looooots of vouchers) and other amazing products. We also giveaway $100 worth of Munch products in each giveaway. But, each giveaway is worth roughly $200 or more.


So, who are these amazing brands that love giving just as much as us? The list is below and make sure you click on them to find out more about them!


I know you’re probably wondering where the other three giveaway companies are? Well we have actually decided to give back to three charities we love on the other three days.

How much are we donating? Well for every like and share we get on the post we will be donating that amount. So if we get 50 likes and shares we will donate $50 to the chosen charity.


We are so lucky to be working with such amazing companies this Christmas season! We love the message behind each brand and are so fortunate for them to be apart of this. But speaking of Christmas check out our amazing Christmas Cake recipe!

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