Christmas shopping can be hard sometimes not just for the kids but for friends and family. We fully understand that here at Munch which is why we have brought out ‘Munch Mumma Recommendations’ for you all. The great aspect about Munch is we don’t just have kids products but we also haves products that suit the whole family.

So last we spoke about Anna our owners recommendations and now it’s my turn. Now I am the only one here at Munch who does not have kids. In saying that I still love and use Munch products. I have a few products I use every single week. So my Munch Mumma(not so mumma) Recommendations are the following:

Organic Munch Vegan Food Wraps

Now I myself am vegan and I have always wanted to use our Organic Munch Beeswax Food Wraps however they aren’t vegan because of the beeswax so then I found out that we were bringing out a vegan version I absolutely lost it. The Organic Munch Vegan Food Wraps work just as good as the beeswax ones. The only difference between the two are literally the wax. In the vegan we use candelilla wax which is a plant based wax. I use these wraps for everything. I wrap my sandwiches, veges, fruit and even make a little parcel with them so I can put my almond nuts in them. The best thing is that they don’t leave any taste on the food. Cleaning is super simple. I absolutely love these food wraps.

Munch Stainless Steel Straws

Yet another purchase I absolutely love. These would be great for anyone and everyone! I use our stainless steel straws for all of my drinks but especially my morning smoothies. They come with a brush to clean them however if you rinse the straw straight away I find I don’t need to always use the brush. However it is great getting any strawberry seeds that have dried. My flatmates all steal them as well so I often find myself having to chase after them to return them.

So these are my Munch Mumma(not so mumma) Recommendations. I cannot recommend these products enough as I absolutely love them.



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