Yet again Munch is here to save you from the trickery of Christmas shopping. We have our Munch Mumma Recommendations! We know how hard it can be trying to figure out what to buy for Christmas which is why we have our Munch Mumma Recommendations. Last week we had our not so Munch Mumma Recommendations which you can read here. But this week our amazing New Zealand Sales Manager has her recommendations. Here’s what she had to say:
It is so hard to choose just one favourite product here at Munch, but when I think about one that I really love and is gifty at the same time, our ECO HERO DINNERSET comes to my mind. This little guy is not only super cute with his big eyes, but kids also have a great time playing with him while waiting for dinner. And best of all, our Eco Hero is made from rice husk, which means he is biodegradable and doesn’t need to end up in the landfill like all the plastic plates and bowls. At the end of his life, he can go in to your compost bin, how awesome is that!
She is completely right! The Eco Hero Dinnerset is one of the coolest wee gifts but also completely biodegradable as well! It won’t be going to the landfill at all however it will be feeding your plants in the garden!
All this talk about feeding time is making me think of our Nigella Lawson inspired quick Chocolate Cake! This cake would be perfect for Christmas day and I’m sure the whole family would love it!
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