As we all know we have been making our beeswax wraps for years so we definitely know what we are doing. Our wraps are actually made right here in New Zealand by our lovely mummas. We are all about supporting the at home workforce! We know how hard it can be trying to fit work around kids which is why we bring the work to our mummas. Plus they do an amaaaaaaazing job! Our Beeswax Wraps are stocked all around New Zealand and overseas so we really believe in the product as you can imagine. But what makes us so happy is when we hear you all love them just as much as us!


Which leads me to our new review from the amazing Kristen from The Southern Chicken Lady! She has actually tried a few of our products and reviewed then which we loooove. However, we thought we should of course share what she had to say about our beeswax wraps.

How many times have you used plastic wrap to cover up a half cut cucumber or a sandwich that you’ll finish later? Guilty here! We’ve used them more times than I can count until I recently discovered the all natural beeswax food wraps from Munch. I hear you can reuse plastic wraps a time or two but we normally just threw ours out after the first use. It would become crinkled and it was a mess to get fixed for reuse. With the beeswax food wraps you can simply rinse with water and reuse again! Made with organic cotton, New Zealand Manuka oil, propolis, jojoba oil and organic New Zealand beeswax.

Our Beeswax wraps last anywhere between 6-12 months but sometimes even longer and really depends on how well you take care of them. But we looooove them! They are such a great wee item to carry around with you. I personally carry one in my bag and keep the rest at home because you just never know when they’ll come in handy!

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