It’s back to school for most of us next week which means we can share our tips and tricks for waste free lunch boxes! As we all know Munch Cupboard is a massive advocate for cutting back on plastic and making our lunches waste free. But the question we always get is how can we do this? Don’t worry we have you 😉


Being waste free is all about cutting back on your waste. In regards to lunch boxes it means plastic wrap and packaging. So where does Munch Cupboard come in to all of this? Well we have a whooooole lot of Waste free products available to help cut that down.


Starting with our amazing Beeswax Wraps! We have been making these for years and we absolutely love them! Our Beeswax Wraps completely replace the need for any plastic wrap and better yet they are completely reusable. Even then after 6-12 months when they lose their stickiness you can just chuck them in the compost…It’s that simple!


Another product we have that helps with waste free lunches is our amazing Bento Lunch Box! This lunch box is amazing because it has all these compartments to keep your food all separate. This means you don’t need to wrap your sandwiches or have to wrap your chopped fruit up because the lunch box keeps that all separate for you!


Now we all know how easy it can be to buy one of those plastic bottles every time you go to the super market because they are so convenient. But here’s the thing those plastic bottles are not convenient for the planet at all. We have you all sorted with our amazing Glass Water Bottles! They are perfect for everyone and actually don’t break. They have a carry ring which makes it so much easier to carry around with you.


We thought we would share our delicious Healthy Birdseed Bar because it’s great at replacing those store brought muesli bars which are wrapped in plastic plus these are super delicious!

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